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Video of the pass below: The Hennessey Venom GT hit its top speed of 270.49 mph last week at the Kennedy Space Center, beating out the...
Stacked Buick GNX s

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  First off if you haven't see Black Air The Grand National Documentary yet stop everything your doing and go watch it now!  It is...
Corvette Museum Sink Hole

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This is a pretty crazy story.  The Corvette Museum had a sink hold open up under one of their buildings on Wednesday 2/12/14 at...
1969 Camaro Drag Car. Check out that blower!

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Saturday November 23, 2013 I got the opportunity to attend a Mecum Action at the Anaheim convention center in Anaheim California right across the...
Chevy Bel Air

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Cars and Coffee Irvine 2/8/14: Always a good time at Cars and Coffee. You never know what your  going to see.  Exotics, muscle cars, rat...

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