Keeping it in the Family – A Rebuilt 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door...

Keeping it in the Family – A Rebuilt 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Wagon

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Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo

Over at our Hot Rods & Guns Facebook page, we get just about one direct message everyday asking if we would like to sell the page. Offerings of $5,000 to $10,000 are the usual monetary amounts – which are said to be based on the amount of people that follow HRG. Of course the real intent is to dupe us into giving them control of the page before any real money has exchanged hands. This allows them to strip us of our administrative roles and use our page to post adverts of utter rubbish and clickbait.

Every once in a while we see a diamond in the rough in our message queue. This message, we’re spotlighting here, was from follower John Trujillo. In it, he shared a few pictures of his rebuilt 1955 Chevrolet 150 2-door wagon and a short story about how he came to own and then rebuild the car.

1955 Chevy Wagon Rear
Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo

John’s dad bought this car when it was brand new from Turntine Chevrolet in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for a mere $2,300. From here, the base-model wagon served the Trujillo family well. It transported all eight of them back and forth to Los Angeles to visit extended family every summer and, when the children were of driving age, the teens used the trusty family-wagon as their means of getting around. John, being the youngest of the six kids, was the last to climb behind the wheel. Lucky for us, John never let go.

Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo
Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo

After a wintry cross-country move to the East Coast, where John currently lives, the original 265 cu in V8’s block was cracked due to -18 temperatures. John thought it prudent to use a little bit of money he received after his dad passed away to rebuild the old girl. The ’55 wagon got a new heart in the form of a 305 V8. Disc brakes were also added as well as new flood-boards, and a slick flat-black paint job. The rebuild is rounded out and, in my opinion, highlighted by a gorgeous new red interior.

Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo
Photo Courtesy Of John Trujillo

John plans on using his beautiful Chevy 150 as a daily driver and we wouldn’t blame him for wanting to do so. We’re sure it will be the topic of many conversations around his office water cooler – bringing smiles to many people’s faces as it has ours.

See the build process below.

Thanks for sharing, John!


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